LAMP InstallatioN in My JaunTy

Hello My Prenz…

I will share my experience about LAMP server.. I am using LAMP to do my duty, altough I haven’t to install LAMP server. Therefore, I am searching in google and I am found the answer..xixixixi..:))

LAMP is software bundle which usually use for web server.  LAMP consist of :

  • Linux, referring to the Operating System
  • Apache, web Server
  • MySql, Database Management System or Database Server
  • and PHP, is a Scripting Language

Now, check it out this my installation in my’s so Easy man…xixixi

1. You must Pray..auwoo

2. First make sure that ubuntu has been installed correctly and properly

3. Install Apache http server : sudo apt-get install apache2

4. Install PHP for Apache server : sudo apt-get install php5

5. Install Mysql Server Database : sudo apt-get install mysql-server

6. Install mysql for apache server :

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Now, after the installation is finished, we will check this, whether already installed correctly or not. Checking is as follows :

1. Restart your apache server : sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

2. Check the apache service via the browser, type the following address : http://localhost

3. Check PHP whether the services are integrated correctly or not. How is making any php file in the folder /var/www /. Listing Program is:


After the save, please be opened in the browser. If the browser already displayed the data about PHP,so PHP is running the service.

4. Check Mysql whether the services are integrated with PHP or not. I make any php files in /var/www/. Listing Program is:

echo “yeeaahhh..berhasil…”;
echo “aseeemiik..kok gagal…”;

After the save, then open the browser. If successful then any posts appear PHP and Mysql are integrated correctly. If any posts appear to fail, then the PHP and Mysql has not been properly integrated.

5.Check phpmyadmin (optional) whether or not already running. Go to the following address in the browser:


Enter root for the user, while the password does not need to fill in, because the default password Mysql installation has not been set, so do not need a password. If successful the log,phpmyadmin already installed correctly.

Okey, way before it installs a LAMP-based web server. How the above is just the standard way, meaning that configuration is done only as needed, so there is no password set mysql, domain settings, etc.. So just for basic course, to further learn more please yourself…ngakak3

Okey,thanks guys… I wish this tutorial can help you..

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